Family’s DNA

It all began long before the creation of Noleti. In 1946, deep in the Neuchâtel mountains, Albert Dubois created a watch strap and leather goods manufacture. He was a visionary entrepreneur who soon became one of the greats. From one generation to the next, the passion for leather was passed on as if it were written in the family’s DNA. And ambition too! Whether that passion is channelled into watch straps or leather goods, it is always governed by a single watchword: excellence. And one common denominator, the Swiss Made label, which, just this once, has been bestowed upon the brand’s luxury handbags and fashion accessories.

« Noleti draws from the Swiss-Made tradition of excellence to produce exclusive collections.»

Christelle Dubois


All the leathers are selected from leading tanneries in France and Italy. Here too, the network put in place by Brasport allowed Noleti to skip the middlemen and work directly with the best. The relationships built over the years of collaboration have provided Noleti with access to the finest and rarest exotic leathers, such as alligator. The suppleness, grain, strength and colours of these leathers meet the most exacting technical and aesthetic requirements, and form an integral part of an exclusive luxury world.


Every Noleti design is imbued with the brand’s ethos, and with the mark left by the leather wizards who put their hearts and souls into the bags and accessories. Their senses are heightened – their fingers run over the leather, feeling each grain, their eyes examine the colours and contrasts, their noses are filled with the fragrance of freshly tanned hides. Everything is hand-made in the La Chaux-de-Fonds workshops.
Every part of the process is centuries-old and deftly mastered – though some secrets are closely-guarded. Between tradition and innovation, Noleti can be seen in each of the collection’s gems and is behind every finishing touch. More than a trade, it is a philosophy.

Spotlight on
the team

The team is at the core of every design, each bringing their own skills and expertise. The added value of Noleti, as far as Christelle Dubois is concerned, isn’t just the Swiss Made label, but also its team spirit. A multi-disciplinary team composed of members with distinct skills that complement one other. A credo which isn’t at all surprising when you know Noleti or Brasport, but one which makes all the difference. Going forward, the challenge is to create new jobs and add even more names to this list!