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At Noleti, every bag has its own story to tell. Materials, aesthetics,
lines, colours and finishes all make their own contribution to its status — and to its personality.
Incredible design, an object of jealousy, a crazy obsession, whether made to measure or a reimagined classic, they all have the makings of a great bag.
What follows is a foray into the anatomical details of the Maison’s creations.


Noleti was created in 2011 and draws on over 60 years of family know-how. A genetic talent that has always put leather centre stage – constantly working on it, reinventing it and always producing sublime results. Today a team of designers and craftsmen work together under Christelle Dubois. Together they design the high-end creations of tomorrow, while meeting new demands in skill and creativity. Together, they are perpetuating their know-how and writing a new chapter of their history.



Rue du Ravin 19
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
+41 (0)32 967 70 60