Putting function before everything else, they make this niche all their own! The business models created by Noleti are tailored to the size of documents, portfolios, laptops, tablets and other tools used by the modern businesswoman. These ample shapes require rectangular designs and semi-flexible leather that is both protective and pleasant to touch. The Business models have a distinct inclination towards shoulder bags and single-handled designs, where functionality rules. But the sombre exterior hides a tailored interior : ultrafunctional and well laid out. No frills for these bags ; zips, magnets and flaps provide quick access to all the essentials whilst keeping them safe and secure. The simple monochrome colours highlight the professional, corporate look. The iconic Noleti symbol in brass nickel with matt satin finish adds the final refining touch to the Maison’s signature look.

brun-graine brun-roux-graine noir-graine

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