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It all began long before the creation of Noleti. In 1946, deep in the Neuchâtel mountains, Albert Dubois created a watch strap and leather goods manufacture. He was a visionary entrepreneur who soon became one of the greats.

From one generation to the next, the passion for leather was passed on as if it were written in the family’s DNA. And ambition too! Whether that passion is channelled into watch straps or leather goods, it is always governed by a single watchword: excellence. And one common denominator, the Swiss Made label, which, just this once, has been bestowed upon the brand’s luxury handbags and fashion accessories.


Leather of course plays an integral role. But the Noleti reserves are teeming with other treasures – each one more exquisite than the last.
Alligator, suede, ostrich and snakeskin come in a diverse range of contemporary colours, each one revealing a new look.
They coordinate or contrast in a harmonious union to delight connoisseurs. Handbags, accessories and small leather goods are now Noleti’s favourite playground.